This is a documentation about an ongoing process of installing and maintaining the CONVIVIUM platform for EUCOMMEET H2020 project. It is a merge of Nextcloud and Jitsi Meet - plus some code, to be released.

N.B.: All the code is released under a F/LOSS licence

Installing and maintaining CONVIVIUM is not for everyone - but it's not just for ubergeek and seasoned sysadmin!.

We would like to make such a process easier to understand and implement for people that have some basic skills (e.g., can use the terminal for running GNU/Linux commands) but not have specialized expertise on system administration.

Take charge of digital services for people it's like growing vegetables in a vegetable garden, or in a greenhouse. For us, installing a server means to plant a server - and grow a server according to what we like and to what is useful for people. It can be the seed of a federated system, propagate and replicate itself, adapting to local needs and very diverse groups and communities.

This effort is financially supported by the EUCOMMEET H2020 project, whose original web site is available at https://eucommeet.eu. CONVIVIUM is up&running at https://nextcloud.eucommeet.eu

this is how it looks like:

EUCOMMEET - platform

This documentation web site is made thanks to grav CMS and it is hosted on the Italian network of the GARR CONSORTIUM, on a VM (Virtual Machine) instance of Ubuntu LTS running on Openstack. The development website for documentation is actually running on Lennon, located at Langstrasse 200 in Zurich, Switzerland. Credits for this docs: Marta Milani and Andrea Morando (tech); NETHOOD ; thanks to C.I.R.C.E. and Alekos.net .

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